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Lexgard® laminated polycarbonates are designed for extensive physical attack combined with ballistic performance.  Lexgard® laminated polycarbonates can be manufactured as Air Gap(AGunits combining low maintenance laminated glass with the impact resistance of laminated polycarbonate. Other options include insulated glass, fire-rated products, tinted glass, one- way vision, and many aesthetic choices.

 Here’s a quick reference for product choices.  For details, please download the corresponding pdfs.

Product: LEXGARD MPC 375
Thickness: 3/8″ (2 ply)
Weight LBS/SF: 2.30
Protection Level: ASTM F1233 Class III/ASTM 1915 Grade 3. HP White Level II-TP-0500.02. WMFL Level III

Product: LEXGARD MPC 500
Thickness: 1/2″ (3 ply)
Weight LBS/SF: 3.10
Protection Level: ASTM F1233 Class III /ASTM 1915 Grade 2
HP White Level II- TP-0500.02 / WMFL Level II

Product: LEXGARD RC 750
Thickness: 3/4″ (3 ply)
Weight LBS/SF: 4.76
Protection Level: ASTM F1233 Class IV /ASTM 1915 Grade 1. HP White Level III-TP-0500.02

Product: LEXGARD MP 1000
Thickness: 1″ (4 ply)
Weight LBS/SF: 6.41
Protection Level: ASTM F1233 Class V. HP White Level IV-TP-0500.02

Product: LEXGARD SP 1250
Thickness: 1 1/4″ (4 ply)
Weight LBS/SF: 7.97
Protection Level: ASTM F1233 Class V/ASTM 1915 Grade 1. HP White Level V-TP-0500.02 / WMFL Level I

Product: Lexan MR10 (AR2)
Thickness: 1/2″ (Monolithic)
Weight LBS/SF: 3.12
Protection Level: ASTM F1233 Class II /ASTM 1915 Grade 4. HP White Level I-TP-0500.02

SWS Detention Group Inc. is a Certified Detention Equipment Contractor for installation and maintenance service and is a distributor for the Canadian market.

Please contact us at 1-877-797-1999 or email Kelvin, Vice President - Construction ( or Kristian, Project Manager ( for more information.