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Women's Correctional Centre Headingley
Women's Correctional Centre Headingley
RCMP Shared Learning Centre


The safety, security and welfare of staff, as well as inmates, are enhanced by hollow metal construction. In the typical bar-grille cell front, the inmate not only has access to all of the hardware, but also has numerous opportunities to abuse or injure a staff member or other inmates by throwing objects or bodily fluids or by grabbing them through the bars. The reduction of visibility, which can occur in a hollow metal assembly, is offset by the proper placement of security glass, perforated plate, wire mesh screen or grille. Any combination of these options can be incorporated into a hollow metal door or frame to provide adequate visibility for the purpose of staff observation. Cell fronts can be designed using side-light frames for better visibility into cells.

The door construction itself also reduces, even though it cannot completely eliminate, the opportunity for making noise and creating a disturbance. Because of the internally stiffened, insulation filled construction of the door, the inmate will only be able to make a dull, thudding noise if he chooses to beat and kick the cell front. Also, the full grouted hands and mullions are highly effective for noise control. 



SWS Detention Group is a Certified Detention Equipment Contractor. We have staff that has received Factory Training in both Field Operations and Project Management for the installation of Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical and Electro-Pneumatic swinging and sliding door detention locking systems.

SWS Detention has industry leading sales, estimating, project management and installation staff in place to ensure your project is successful. SWS Detention has completed projects across Canada from small renovations to large new institutions. Whether the project delivery is owner direct, bid and build or design build SWS Detention is ready to bring our experience and expertise to your team.

Please contact us at 1-877-797-1999 or email Kelvin, Vice President - Construction ( or Kristian, Project Manager ( for more information.